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How Important is Sex in a Relationship

How Important is Sex in a Relationship

The importance of sex in the couple relationship is due to the existence of similar points of view regarding the frequency and quality of sex in order to obtain optimal compatibility.

If the woman is happy with the sexual act and will want and appreciate her partner, and the man will be more involved and more careful in the relationship if the sex is satisfactory.

The stronger the intimacy, the greater the chances for the two partners of the couple to get what they want: he gets a sensual and passionate woman, and she is an affectionate and protective man. Sigmund Freud said that sex is just as important as food, water and sleep, claiming that people need sex to function normally, both within society and in the couple.

A couple has implicit sexual content. Sexuality is an energy that defines every living being, even more, a 19-year-old. We can not talk about a functional non-sex couple, especially at this age when hormonal needs are a priority.

Yet sex is important in a relationship especially for physical, emotional and effective connection, not just for hormonal balance. And even if we are talking about hormones, they also have an active role in emotionally strengthening the relationship.

For example, during sexual intercourse, the woman releases a biochemical element called oxytocin, which creates a strong chemistry level of feelings between partners.

Pheromones also transmit olfactory signals that trigger romantic feelings, especially for loving partners. Sexless love is a trivial gesture, yet with major benefits for users.

Sex, as a couple activity, is a physical manifestation of what we feel. Sex is the ingredient that completes a relationship, fulfils it. Men have a sense of ownership and perpetuation of the higher species, unlike women, who, in order to be sexually opened, first require emotional balance.

The ideal relationship

couple hug

A balance between the soul and the sexual relationship In some couples, sexual intercourse is replaced by various gestures of affection, such as hugs. There is nothing wrong with both of us agreeing, but most of the time, one or even both want something else. And then there may be problems. An ideal marriage is one that includes a balance between the intellectual, soul and body relationship.

The problem is, which of these ingredients remains alive? Passion and sexual intercourse are quite easy to maintain in a young couple, and the bond of this kind can be very successful and between two people who do not match from other points of view. When the physical relationship begins to shrink, then the couple also goes through some earthquakes. But if friendship and love are those that keep the tied couple, it can be easier to overcome any sexual problems that may occur over time.

Passion goes, friendship remains

Sexual compatibility has its source in the emotional intimacy of the couple, which is created by making love. As we grow older, not only does our body change, but also the way we perceive a relationship.

Lovers who want to stay together for life should realize that it is important to value not only the passionate relationship but also the friendship. The first is lost with the passage of time, but the second is the one that makes us stay together


In addition to the procreation role, sex strengthens the emotional bond in a couple. Then specialists still consider it an effective way to reduce stress, increase self-esteem, give and receive affection. In addition, from the physical point of view, during sexual intercourse, endorphins, the hormones of happiness, and calories burn (an average of 300 calories per hour) are produced.

And other gestures associated with physical relationships, such as touching, massage or comforting, contribute to stress relief and a state of intimacy between spouses. An accomplished relationship from this point of view can lead to the desired state of inner balance.


ouple romance on bed

Sex is the number one subject for couples to come to therapy. Influenced by the social context, by too much media coverage of sexuality, and especially by the lack of pessimism facing society, couples are increasingly “analyzing” their sexual life and are often not too thanks to the result.

A large number of people ask how often it is normal to have sex and come with examples, such as a cousin, colleague or girlfriend say they make love every day or more three times a day. They feel frustrated because they do not do the same thing.

Regular sex, although not the most important part of a relationship, strengthens it. It is the binder that holds a coupled unit and is especially important for the emotional and emotional bond that it creates. ”

Sex is a matter of much debate about both women and men. It’s a way to get rid of stress, to relax and not only. That’s why sex is important in a relationship.

It is said that an active sex life is important in a relationship as high as trust and communication.

That’s why sex is so important in a relationship.

How much more passion?

The perfect relationship is then how the life partner is the best friend but also the most skilful lover. If you do not feel any attraction to your partner, and sex parties are becoming more and rarer, it’s like meeting a friend. However, relationships require sex, and if you have hot-blooded dementia, you are luring the living passion.

It frees you from stress

Sex is a good way to get rid of stress because endorphins are released in the body as well as other hormones that make you feel good. When you are not stressed and have a good mood and the relationship will work better.

Keeps you connected

Sex stimulates intimacy and shows you that you are desirable. It also demonstrates to your partner that you have time for him. In addition, sex is a form of communication and a way of demonstrating that you still love it no matter how busy you are in everyday life.

It makes you happy

People who have sex often are generally happier than those who do not have an active sex life. It’s a way to have more confidence in yourself and to show a positive attitude. And as if you’re more eager to be with someone who always smiles on your lips.

It makes your partner happy

When men are stressed, sex is the best way to relax. Sex parties keep your partner satisfied and confident in their sexual abilities. No wonder that when sex is missing from a relationship, the partner will start looking for another woman’s company. So sex keeps the living relationship.

The longer it takes for a couple to have sex, the two are moving apart. According to an American psychotherapist, Phyllis Goldberg is a kind of vicious circle that only accentuates the lack of confidence and further distancing. Ignoring problems and lack of communication add more stress to the relationship.

What do women think about monogamy and gossip?

The non-monogamous relationship, the key to a long and happy marriage?

If your couple’s relationship suffers from a lack of sex, the American specialist’s advice might be a solution for those who are confronted with such issues:

1. Eliminate the possibility of medical problems First, it is necessary to eliminate the physical causes of lack of sex, such as the side effects of a chronic illness, a treatment or problems caused by age. Sexual problems in a marriage can also occur if people’s libido is incompatible. None of these factors is, however, insurmountable.

2. Consider Psychological Counseling Non-maintenance of sexual relations in a marriage is usually an indicator of much greater problems – lack of trust, unresolved problems of anger, resentment, an affair of one of the partners or even the desire of one get out of the relationship. If a discussion about your problems is too uncomfortable for you, couple therapy can help.

3. Pay attention to each other’s needs The couple’s compatibility, both sexually and in general, is very important; so is the freedom to speak to the person next to you about your needs and desires. If you do not deal with the problems in your relationship, be they small, the anger and the suffering will take the place of the desire to get closer or to make the relationship go.

4. Know that Men and Women are Different: Another factor that may stand in the way of a satisfactory relationship is the different perspectives of women and men. Men, for example, look at sex as a sign of proximity, while women need to approach before having sex. For both sides of a couple to feel loved and satisfied, you need to understand these dynamics and there is a desire on both sides to change things for the better.

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