Sensual Massage Techniques to Make Your Partner Horny

Sensual Massage Techniques to Make Your Partner Horny

Erotic massage inspired by the famous Kamasutra opera does not focus on excitement, nor is it a prelude that inevitably leads to sex. Erotic massage performed with the help of Kamasutra techniques aims to increase intimacy in the couple. When erotic massage is a sensual, not sexual experience, it can connect you in a way you did not think possible.

Here are the Kamasutra erotic massage techniques, which relieve your senses and get you closer!

1. The first Kamasutra technique refers to your state of mind during the massage. When you do the massage, you have to enjoy the experience of giving, without thinking about how long it takes or if he will turn your gesture back. Also, your boyfriend needs to be relaxed, not with the anticipation that the massage will be too short and will not gratify it fully. If he’s quiet, and she’s glad you give him the massage, you can continue. Otherwise, the massage will be routine, which only allows physical contact without emotional approximation

2. During massage do not just focus on the intimate area. The aim of the massage made in the spirit of Kamasutra is not to excite him, and he has orgasm with a trivial stimulation. However, when your boyfriend is completely relaxed, and your touches are enveloped and drawn to his senses, he may have an orgasm with touches that seemed innocent to him.

3. The atmosphere can be prepared according to the article in which you find out what you do not have to stick to in organizing an erotic massage!

4. Kamasutra inspired erotic massage techniques focus on slow, but hard movements. Purchase massage oils, as they will give more touch to your touches.

This also includes the beauty of simple massage: it allows you to enjoy knowledge and touch by touch without involving sex. The sensory experience of touching can also end with a sensual sex game, but it is not necessarily mandatory. However, if you want to cross the border, try or rather say, try erotic massage!

Here are the most important erotic massage techniques along with erogenous areas, sensitive to love massage!

Basic Rules of Erotic Massage

Location: The best place for a massage, erotic or not, is the floor (on which you put a thick and soft blanket) and sometimes the bed (if it is straight and a little soft). Bed is the location most often chosen for a massage, but if it is not straight and comfortable, it will put pressure on the neck, shoulders and back of the person receiving the massage.

Clothes: Erotic massage should not involve clothes as well. During such a massage, it is best to be both naked, no matter who gives the massage. If your partner feels more comfortable, he can pick a pair of boxers, so you can choose a very sexy lingerie. However, do not forget that massage is more … erotic if you feel the touch of the other skin.

Temperature: Since erotic massage is carried out without clothes and the environment should be as pleasant as possible, it is best to air the room, make some heat (if it is winter) and maintain a temperature of 24-25 ° C. Take care, do not let it get warmer, because you will create a discomfort.

The decor and the atmosphere: you can appeal to the eternal scented candles and scented chopsticks, fluffy towels, diffused lights and deaf music, exactly the same decoration as for a sensual and successful sex game.

Used Products: Find out that erotic massage is synonymous with light, fragrant and aphrodisiac massage oil. Reliably use soft back brushes, relaxing creams and scented petals.

An important massage technique is to warm the oil in your hands before applying it or to keep the massage oil bottle in a warm water container.

Lubricants: If erotic massage will include the genital area, then you need a water based lubricant. Oil-based lubricants are not recommended in the genital area because the oil is not easy to clean and is not as well absorbed by the sensitive genital area, so it can cause an infection by multiplying bacteria.

Essential Rules Before you Start Erotic Massage!

  • Do not forget to turn off your phones or put them on silent!
  • Forget about everything outside the room and focus only on you two!
  • Relax and enter the atmosphere!
  • Do not forget that erotic massage refers not only to eroticism but also to mutual knowledge. Give yourself a massage all over your body, not just in some areas!

The biggest secret of the massage?

He never suddenly gives up contact with his partner’s skin. Even when you take oil in your palms, do so to keep touching it with a part of your body. Once the contact of your skin is lost, the person receiving the massage feels a cool feeling and disconnects from the relaxation specific to the massage.

Now that you already know what attitude you need to have, what products to use and how to create the right decor and atmosphere, it’s time to learn the techniques of erotic massage.

Erotic Massage and Techniques

Here’s what the erotic massage of each area is, from top to bottom!

Head and Face

The best way to start and end an erotic massage is to massage the head and face. Massage in this area involves easy and relaxing touches, and you get very close to your partner, whom you can easily kiss on your forehead and neck. To massage the scalp, forehead, cheeks and cheeks, you do not need a massage oil, but at best, a cream with light texture for the face.

Technique: For starters, walk your fingers through his or her hair, then continue by gently touching the scalp, just with the tips of your fingers. By circular movements, you get to the samples that you only massage with your indexing and middle fingers. Slowly, lower your cheeks and jaws, repeating upward movements as if some drops of rain fell. Then, the thumb and the index finger massage the ear lobes and ears. Return with circular movements around your eyes, eyebrows and lips and offer a slight kiss on your eyelids or lips.

Neck and shoulders

Here is a demanding and tense area that deserves a full massage! It is essential that the shoulder and throat area be among the first, so you can ease the whole body of the partner. If you do not respect this rule, your partner will not be able to enjoy the full of erotic massage pleasure.

Technique: put a little massage oil in the palm of your hand, rub your palms and then place the palms of the column in the neck area, using just two large fingers to massage. It uses finger nipples, not nails, which should even be cut medium or short. He walks down the column to the middle with gentle movements, putting his big fingers on top of each other as if to compete. Turn up, apply a little oil on your palms and put them on one side of your neck, moving them slightly, circularly. Repeat the movement, kneeling to his shoulders.

Back and Buttocks

The lumbar zone is very responsive to the massage. Apply the massage oil and continue the movement along the column, as explained above, as if the big fingers would compete in parallel movements with the buttocks.

Technique: Get down in the lumbar area, keep moving the massage like you pinch it, but easy and with all your fingers. Then it weakens the rhythm and returns to light movements, where you press your palm as you massage. You have also reached the buttocks area, which you have to massage with the inner part of the arms, more precisely with the inner part between the palm and the elbow, with which you press on the buttocks easily by upward movements. When you’re done, gently massage the triangle between the buttocks and the coccyxian bone. It is an area that attracts much tension and requires a relaxing massage.


Kneel next to him or her and concentrate on pullets and calves.

Technique: Take a slightly larger amount of oil in your palms, keep it a little to warm it up and stretch it across your foot, starting from your knees, up and down. First massage the knee area around it with circular movements of the big fingers. Do not press, because there are many blood vessels prone to breakage in this area. In the area of pulp, massage is a simple one and it does not have to last much longer than if you want to finish the massage earlier with a sex game. Droplets are erogenous zones, sensitive to touch of this kind. Gambles should be massaged a little more vigorously, with movements similar to those in the spine (fingers in this case, hands, succeed in parallel movements).
The soles

Here’s a highly sensual part of the massage that men adore! Massaging the soles is also called “soul massage”. If your partner is in the soles, it would be good to give up your foot paw massage, focusing only on your fingers and on the right side below, with circular and pressed movements. Then take each finger off, imitating rolling and stretching movements.

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