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How to have Sex with More Pleasure


Sexual desire is not as great for everyone. If you are missing and if this causes you problems in the couple, look for solutions! After excluding physical problems, try the tantric methods recommended by specialists!

How to Grow Your Sexual Desire

1. Go to the doctor if you feel pain during intercourse, the first step you need to do is go to the gynaecologist to make sure it’s not a medical problem. Be honest with your doctor. Sometimes pain can be caused by lack of lubrication.

2. Thoroughly DigIn some cases, the reasons why you miss your sexual desire has roots in childhood. Pay attention to how your family looked at sexuality and how it influenced you. Perhaps they did not allow you to have a boyfriend in teenage years, maybe they spoke ugly about sex girls, maybe they thought you had to have sex after marrying. You may have conveyed the idea that it is wrong to enjoy sex.

3. Do not be ashamed!If you’re accustomed to associating sex with something shameful, it’s no wonder you miss your sexual desire. Allow yourself to enjoy sex, give up shame and understand that pleasure is part of life and that you are willing and needed to enjoy it!

4. Breathe deeply while having sex if things did not go well for sex for a long time, it’s possible to associate sex and pleasure with pain. Try to relax and breathe deeply if you feel any pain. When you feel pain, the body releases endorphins and adrenaline, which ultimately go to pleasure.

5. Learn other types of orgasm If penetration is painful and makes you want your sexual desire, experience sex and learn other types of orgasm. Isadora says there are six types of orgasm that do not involve vaginal contact. Among them, clitoral orgasm, breasts and energetic orgasm. The most important thing when you want to get to the orgasm is not to put pressure on yourself. Use tantric massage to have sexual desire.

The question of many people concerned about the satisfaction of their sexual life sounds like, “What can I do to get more pleasure with sex?

“The answer to this question is as simple as possible and is composed of five letters:


The key to sexual pleasure Those who are looking for the key to sexual pleasure may be surprised to find that it is right with them. We are talking here about their availability and learning ability.

It seems the key to sexual pleasure is to learn everything about sex, how to do and what to do to enjoy it. If you think a little, any specialized person with extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, bacteriology, internal medicine, psychiatry and many other areas can help you in improving your sex life. But first it is necessary to understand human sexuality in all its complexity.

A specialist who diagnosed and treated thousands of people with sexual problems can be a real blessing for your sex life.

Why do you have to learn to enjoy sex?

Most people just have sex without knowing too much about it. It’s like drivers who have no idea to drive and still do it. Effects? They have accidents, hurt other people, go to jail, and end up fearing cars. The same goes for sex.

A lot of people use their sexual organs without knowing what they actually do. They have accidents that hurt other people. I can even go to jail. And they end up with sex and sex partners.

Sex, more than pleasure

The best thing a man can do is take a moment to learn and try to understand the complexity of the act of sex. Sex is a pleasure. But it’s more than that. While having fun playing erotic with your wonderful bodies, do something beautiful and useful. First of all, express affection to your partner. So you help to cemorate your couple relationship. Secondly, through sex you will considerably improve your health, your overall well-being, increasing your life expectancy.

Does not it sound good?

Without understanding sex as a human act beyond physical contact, you may encounter difficulties in getting pleasure. The more you can compromise your health. Otherwise, if you manage to get the best understanding of sex, it will be. Sexual pleasure will be directly proportional to the level of understanding you have reached.

Try using a female condom instead of a male one!

– Both internal and external condoms are disposable. If you do sex again, use a new condom!

– Do not use the condom at the same time as the external condom. The friction between them can break them, eliminating protection. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this method, according to the site

Benefits –

– They are not made of latex, so they are very friendly with people who are allergic to latex; They do not cause the discomforts that external condoms can cause, for example, they do not squeeze the penis how external condoms can do;

– They can be used during menstruation, but do not forget to remove the swab from the vagina (if you use one);

– You can use any type of lubricant, including oil-based (not recommended for external condoms);

– If you are the person who uses them, then the advantage of internal condoms is that you are responsible for your own protection and you can easily avoid situations in which your partner/partner does not have a condom or tells you that he can not use one. That’s how you make sure you’re always ready. Your sexual health is in your own hands.

If you want to get the best from your relationship and have both you and your partner, part of unforgettable moments in the bedroom, you have to “work” a bit on the context in which your love life unfolds.

It is possible that you have heard about some of these tricks and have not taken them into account or have doubts about their veracity, but now you can be sure that it really works and you can condense your sex life so feel more enjoyment during sex without much effort:

#1. Use a pillow

Always hold a pillow. This can help you try different positions without giving up convenience. With its help, the penetration angles can change completely, and you will have the chance to find the one who benefits you the most. What men think about your body during a sex party. Find Out Hidden Fantasies!

#2. Imposes some time limits

Chat with your partner before and convince him to pull time and prolong the prelude. It imposes a minimum of 20 minutes of caressing and kissing, and your enjoyment will be guaranteed. The burning desire to move things further will intensify as you keep going directly to the facts, and the results will be truly stunning.

#3. Wear socks

Experiments in the field show that if you wear socks while doing sex, they will help you adjust the ideal body temperature. The comfort you provide will create optimal conditions for reaching the climax, which will happen, according to statistics, earlier than usual.

#4. Do not hide the vibrator

The presence of the partner should not exclude that of the vibrator. Keep it close and use it to stimulate your partner or even yourself. If you intend to use it for your lover’s pleasure, touch his testicles with him, he will feel great!

Kiss your partner during orgasm If you are kissing during the climax, the moment will get much more intimacy and intimacy. In addition, the experience will become more romantic and more exciting, especially if you manage to have orgasm simultaneously.

#5. Break

Do not rush to touch the climax of sexual intercourse if you want it to be really intense. Take breaks when you feel the time of orgasm is approaching and prolong the duration of sexual intercourse, in order to have a truly incendiary climax. 5 compliments that men want to hear from their lovers. Find out what they would like to tell them!

#6. Have sex outside the bedroom

Do not limit yourself to the four walls of the bedroom and to the rectangular and soft surface of the bed. Comfort is not always the best option, especially when it comes to sex. Try all other rooms and less comfortable places, such as the hard seats or the kitchen table. You won’t regret!

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