How to Tell if a Girl is Interested in You? Real Signs!!

How to Tell if a Girl is Interested in You

Very often you have doubts about the person next to you and you ask yourself this question: “How do you know if a girl likes me,” even if you have known her for a very long time and are very good friends though there is always this doubt … does she like me?

How does she see me?

What is she thinking? … and so on. If for some time now it was almost unacceptable for a woman to take the first step, now the rules are no longer as strict in this regard. That does not mean that she will approach you directly and invite you to her home, but only that she will let you understand that you are attracting her. Yes, believe me, women almost always see this, even in a discreet way.

From the point of view of flirting, there are two types of men: those who observe and receive signals from ladies and those who need an impressor to show them the green light. For those in the last category, we have prepared a ten-sign list that shows that a woman is flirting with you.

1. Remember! do not think that you are in the movies, in real life it does not happen like in the movies. If the girl tells you the first “no” that does not always mean no and just leave her alone. But there is a refusal to be considered that she likes you, that is, she refuses you but at the same time invites you to come out again … briefly when you invite her to come out Saturday night she will say she can not because she is going to a wedding but would be willing to go out Sunday night. In this case, she can not really go out with you, but she is willing to go out on another day … sign that she likes you.

2. She will tell you a lot about her, she tells you her problems that she does not say to anyone else without you asking her beforehand.

3. If she already has a boyfriend she will try as much as possible not to talk about him, even if you ask her something, she will try to avoid this discussion as much as possible by trying to talk only to you or about you. If this happens, you have some books on your side.

4. While talking to her if she seems to want to pull her neck off, this is a sign that she likes you and wants to discover her more than you know at the time.

5. As you talk to her alongside the classic sign of twisting the hair strands, she will play with the bracelet or neckline, which means she is excited when she is around you.

6. If she feels the need to touch you when she passes by you, no matter if she puts her hand on you or gives you an elbow, this means she likes you and wants more attention from you. Exclusive is however a casual in which you are in a club where all of you give up your elbows and push more.

7. When it looks as if everything has stopped around her and she has a warm smile … you will realize if you will be careful. The girl who likes you will look more than a second or even more than usual and will start to smile, no matter the occasion … whether you are crossing or sitting with friends at a table.

8. When you meet on the street by chance or a scheduled appointment will try to kiss you even if it is slammed on your cheek … it is a sign that she likes you and wants more than a friendship. If that’s the case, you have a good chance of winning it. Exclusive is the case when you meet more friends and kiss on the cheek as friends, if it is the puppy in the group it will kiss everyone without exciting someone.

9. If she will look for you and call you to ask you bizarre things it means she is interested in you and feels the need to hear you say something.

10. During a conversation, if you stop talking and she will try to open up other topics to avoid those moments of unpleasant peace between you it is clear that she likes you.

Although, as Oscar Wilde said, “women are made to be loved and not understood,” there are some clues in their behaviour that can confirm whether you are or not liked by them. The body language of women can help you penetrate their mind, at least on a superficial level.

All you have to do, as a man, is to notice carefully, during a conversation, the gestures of a woman you want to get into the bar. If you see any of the signs described below, it means you are on the right track, so you should continue in the direction you initiated.

Otherwise, try to change the subject or approach and follow what’s going on. Even the most beautiful women tend to manifest their interest through the body signs described in the following lines.

The lips of the woman who likes you

– Exhales wide, unveiling both the superior teeth and the lower teeth, and the face is relaxed.
– Bites her lips, licks her lips or touches her upper teeth with her tongue.
– She dries her tongue with some of her lips. Some women tend to do it by passing her tongue through the lips slightly tight, others moving her tongue around her lips around her mouth.
– She’s bringing his index finger to her teeth.
– She pulls or pulls her lips out and pushes her chest forward.

The eyes of the woman who is interested in you

– Look in your eyes with a deep interest and pupils dilated.
– She raises her eyebrows for a few seconds while she smiles and continues to keep eye contact.
– She makes you look as you talk or when it’s some distance away from you.

– As she talks to you, she blinks more than usual, fluttering her lashes.
– She raises her eyebrows, then drops them, then smiles.

The woman’s hair attracted to you

– She runs her fingers through her hair through a single hand movement or repeated stroke.
– She binds her hair around her finger while she looks at you.
– She throws her hair back on her head.

The clothes of the woman who likes you

– The cut of the dress or skirt is generously open, exposing her foot to a large extent.
– She often arranges or smoothes clothing so that it looks better.

The hands of the woman interested in you

– Exposes her palms to you.
– As she speaks to you, she places the elbow in the palm of her other hand, while the other palm is upward.
– She wipes her wrists.
– One of the hands tends (unconsciously) to reach an intimate part.
– She’s rubbing her chin or touching her cheeks.
– She plays with the keys, lets a hand slide up and down a glass, or finds another handful of toys or other objects on the table.
– She starts to play with her jewels, especially through mowing or shooting moves.

The woman’s voice attracted to you

– Increases or decreases the volume of her voice so that it matches the intensity of your voice.
– Strengthens or raises the frequency of speech to suit your way of speaking.
– She’s at the same time with you.
– In the midst of a crowd, she only addresses you and focuses all your attention on you.

Other signs that she likes you

– Imitate (unconsciously) body language and body position.
– Her face gets redden when you’re around.
– If she is smoker, blow cigarette smoke through her lips directly to you.
– When she is seated, her head is slightly tilted to one side, one leg is placed underneath the other, and its hips are slightly straight ahead.
– At a party, she seems to get out of the blue near you, and if you head to another place, she makes her appearance again; you’re surprised to look at yourself, hit you or hit you … accidentally.

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