How to Choose the Best Lubricants for Sex and Masturbation?

Lubricants for Sex

Lubrication is essential for almost all sexual activities, especially for manual stimulation. Choosing the best lubricants can be a difficult and daunting task.

Maybe you’ve already looked at a sex shop in your neighborhood or you went to the various online stores of curiosity. There are hundreds of different products in the lubricants category.  Lubricants can easily be grouped into a few categories based on the ingredients contained. To begin with, the ‘base’ of the lubricant determines how it can be used. A silicone lubricant, for example, can not be used alongside silicone sex toys.

An oil-based lubricant is not recommended, for example, if you use a condom as a contraceptive method. Some women are so sensitive that they only bear lubricants based on natural or biological ingredients.

Then there are lubricants specially designed for anal sex, others provide a heating or cooling effect, some are edible, is specially formulated for oral sex.

Water-Based Lubricants:

Water-based lubricants are excellent, especially natural products because the body absorbs them and the skin becomes soft and velvety. Water-based lubricants remain the best choice. Not only do they pose no danger if you want to use a condom, but they can also be used with sex toys.

Silicone-Based Lubricants:

Silicone lubricants are soft as silk and are excellent for long-lasting sex games, but are not matched with silicone sex toys or oral sex. Silicon does not have a good taste, but its advantage is that a small amount of lubricant can last a few hours. They can also be used with the condom.

Hot, Cold and Delicious Lubricant:

If you want different sensations, a cool or warm lubricant is the ideal solution. Edible and flavored lubricants are obviously ideal for oral sex. But you must be extremely cautious.

Most of these products contain irritating agents or sweet ingredients that can cause a vaginal fungal infection if inserted into the vagina. So if you want to use them in the genital areas, make sure you use only a drop on the clitoris and that your fingers are clean.

Natural Lubricant:

If your partner is concerned about the type of intimate fluid that will enter her vagina, if it is sensitive to parabens or other ingredients, take advantage of the wide range of natural and biological products on the market. You just have to choose with great care and responsibility.

The main cause of vaginal dryness is a low level of hormones, especially of estrogen. This usually occurs after birth, during breastfeeding, and during menopause. However, hormonal changes may also occur in young women who are not pregnant.

In case of such a problem, obviously, the first step is to go to a gynecologist for a series of analyzes.

To stimulate the vaginal lubrication process, you can resort to a very simple trick: using lubricating products.

However, such a product should not be chosen based on flavor, packaging, color or promotion. The lubricant selection process must be somewhat more complex. After all, it’s about the health of your genitals, so you do not have to look at the situation as a simple game.

Here are the things you need to be careful when you buy a lubricant

Avoid Products Containing Parabens, Mineral Oils and Glycerol:

When you buy a face cream, you definitely look at the ingredients list of the product. If you omit ingredients such as parabens and mineral oils in face creams, you should do the same with lubricating products.

Most of the lubricating products on the market contain parabens, glycerol, sodium benzoate and mineral oils (liquid paraffin).

Parabens mimic the estrogen (female hormone) and are associated with the development of breast and genital cancer. On the other hand, your partner may have problems in the genitals (testicular cancer, prostate disease, etc.).

Also, glycerol converts to glucose when it reaches the body and can cause a true outbreak of infection, an environment conducive to the development of candidiasis. In addition, glycerol irritates and dries the skin after use and increases the sensitivity of the genitals. Sodium benzoate, another common ingredient in lubricating products, is guilty of skin irritation and the deactivation of parts of the DNA.

It is also associated with liver failure and Parkinson’s disease. In combination with vitamin C, sodium benzoate can become a potentially carcinogenic potential. Liquid paraffin, another component of lubricants, prevents the skin from breathing for a long time.

These ingredients are more harmful to the intimate area because the mucus absorbs all the substances they come into contact with.

Opt for Organic, eco and Vegan Lubricants:

Try to choose a lubricant made from natural ingredients. Some of these contain natural herbal oils. Moreover, the labels of these products mention that it protects you from bacteria, infections, and fungi in the genitals.

If you want a fragrance lure, try a ginseng or sage product. You can also choose special products for prolonged penetration. Most of the time, they can also be used for skin massage. In the case of these lubricants, it is not necessary to wash and clean the vagina after use. Because they are organic, they will not distract the natural process of cleaning the vagina.

Cold pressed coconut oil is a good alternative for gels that exist on the market. Lubrication of the vagina during sex has an essential role because it helps both of you feel good. Even if it occurs naturally when excited, it can happen quite often that the vagina is not well lubricating and you will feel a feeling of discomfort or even pain during sex.

So using a good lubricant will help you get a guaranteed orgasm because you and your lover will feel a lot better during your love affair. If you are concerned about some of the ingredients that some lubricating gels exist on the market then you have to know that you have natural alternatives that you can rely on.

But you need to know how to use them and what to look for!

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is a Good Natural Lubricant:

It is essential to choose cold-pressed coconut oil, not the refined version because it has antibacterial properties and is more effective than a water-based lubricant.


It does not stain, it is useful against bacterial infections that women sometimes face, and in addition, it does not contain any harmful additive for your intimate area. Hold a small cork bowl with cold pressed coconut oil on the bedside table to have it at hand during lover parties.


Coconut oil cannot be used with latex condoms because it acts on it and can break. Also, if you know you have an allergy to nuts, it is preferable to avoid using coconut oil as a lubricant. Instead, you can use condoms made of polyurethane with coconut oil as a lubricant.

Coconut Oil and Erotic Toys:

Coconut oil can be used together with any good glass, ceramic, metal and silicone toy. Instead, you can not use coconut oil with jelly, plastic, latex, vinyl or PVC toys.

Extra virgin Olive Oil is a Good Natural Lubricant:

It is preferable to choose a quality, extra virgin or cold pressed olive oil because it has all the intact properties and you do not risk choosing irritation.


Olive oil has a neutral pH, and is also suitable for women who want to become pregnant. It also has antibacterial properties like coconut oil, taking away vaginal infections remotely.


It is a greasy oil that cleans up harder and can stain the linen. Even the smell is not as exotic and pleasing as the coconut and cannot be used with latex condoms. Instead, you can use polyurethane condoms.

Olive Oil and Erotic Toys:

It behaves like coconut oil, not compatible with jelly, plastic, latex, vinyl, or PVC toys. Can be used with any good glass, ceramic, metal and silicone toy.

Tips and Tricks for Lubricants:

1. Put a drop of lubricant on the condom, before applying it to the penis – will significantly enhance her pleasure.

2. For a good hand job, apply warming lubricant hands. After a few minutes, wash your hands and apply another to the cooling effect. Different sensations will make him mad!

3. During sex, apply lubricant on your fingers and massage his perineum (the area between the penis and the testicles).

4. Pour a drop of lubricant into your palm and make him touch your clitoris. Since the fluid increases sensitivity, it can bring you to orgasm just by touching the “magic button”.

5. Spread the lubricant into your pubic area to enjoy sensual tingling every time you get in.

6. Apply the scented lubricant on your breasts and along your thighs, from your knee to the inner area, then place it licking it.

7. Put yourself with the lubricant on your lips in front of him. After you make sure they are soft and shiny, spoil him … down there.

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