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How to Make a Girl Squirt? – A FullProof Guide for Squirting!!

I want to talk to you about one of the most TABU and controversial topics of sexuality in the world. In fact, It is so taboo that most men have no idea that it is possible or that there is such a thing. We are talking more specifically about Female Orgasm with Ejaculation, in other words squirting. Learn how to make a girl squirt below.

YES, do not panic women ejaculate, it is perfectly normal! If I could say what a woman feels when she has a squirting orgasm I think it can be compared to an earthquake, and no wonder, at that moment when she sees those contractions that she probably never had before, just like in porn movies, you’ll see her nails stuck in bedding, you’ll see how his eyes are overwhelmed by waves and waves of pleasure, and YES … you’ll see her sprinkle a liquid jet of nectar.

And if you’re already horrified by thinking about it or just being abhorred, it’s probably the reason why it has not happened to you so far to see that a woman doing that. It’s not like you go out for a coffee with a girl you have just met and she will tell you: “You know, I can have a squirting orgasm.”

In fact, most women do not talk about it even between them, the act of ejaculating itself is considered a male gesture and we live in a society where the woman is still quite oppressed about the expression of sexuality. The very interesting thing is that ALL women can do this, and unlike most of us, most women have heard of squirting orgasm, and yet quite a few manage to have this kind of orgasm.


We all know that for some women it is quite complicated to get to orgasm and many of them need to learn how to squirt. When orgasm approaches, women experience a feeling as if they are going to urinate, that’s the time in which the orgasm with feminine ejaculation can occur.

And yet most women do not take that step of relaxing, letting go, and letting go of all the spasms, emotions, and the pleasure that can pass through their body after the squirting orgasm.

The fear of being misunderstood and being judged is one of the main causes for women, even if they manage to have orgasm with ejaculation, they do not do it with men, and the second reason is that their sensation when they approach the type of orgasm is as I told you a feeling of urination, then many of them are afraid they will urinate, suppressing this type of orgasm.

All women can do this and believe me, you will be regarded as the god of sex if you manage to provoke such an orgasm to your partner.

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Here are the tips to make your women squirt

1) First of all, you need to consider the fact that you need to talk to her about it, ask her if she knows about squirting orgasm, if she tried it at all, to know she’s comfortable with you.

2) You need to talk in time about when orgasm approaches. Tell her to tell you when she feels the urge and knows that it’s perfectly normal and she should let go.

3) The ideal position is to stretch her back, you can help her first by stimulating her clitoris, then inserting two fingers into her vagina, with her fingertips pointing upward toward her navel. With the other hand, you can play with your thumb on your clitoris, gently pressing your palm on the basin (on her tummy).

4) Talk to her as you play with her pussy, tell her how beautiful she is and women often feel insecure about their private parts just as we do men.

5) As soon as the orgasm approaches you will see that something similar to water is beginning to sound, that is the time when you can put a little more pressure on her basin, you will see she will begin to bind.

6) Get away from you …. or stay. Maybe it was mentioned somewhere in the beginning of the 6 steps that it is advisable to have a towel out of reach or even put on the bed, you may be surprised by the power of the jet that a chick might have when it is very excited, and believe me only the idea that they feel so open to you and can have that kind of orgasm makes them very … wet.

What you need to understand is that this genre of orgasm is perfectly NORMAL, the liquid she ejaculates is NOT urine and women very much appreciate the men with whom they can feel free to experiment.

It is quite possible that your partner with whom you have a relationship for years can do this and have never told you, so it’s not strange to ask your girlfriend or the guy you want to experience about the Orgasm with squirt.

Note that you need to be an open-minded man and start talking about it, and it is very unlikely for a woman to do it.

How to Make a Girl Squirt

One of the possible explanations of female squirting is that this phenomenon occurs when the woman reaches simultaneous vaginal and clitoral orgasm and is manifested by the elimination of a whitish fluid.

Many people still think that feminine ejaculation is nothing more than a myth. Moreover, because of the very small number of women for whom orgasm culminates with ejaculation, they are passed into the “rare” category. What you need to know, however, is that recent studies by experts in the field have shown that any woman can ejaculate at the time of orgasm. The secret is to tone the vaginal cavities so that they become more responsive to stimuli, as well as to your movements during sexual intercourse.

Many specialists, as well as women who have experienced this sensation, say that female ejaculation occurs only when the orgasm is very intense. For this, you need not only that your partner offers you more than qualitative sex, but rather that you will “train” your pelvic and vaginal muscles.

The steps you need to follow in this regard are simple while ensuring maximum comfort. Thus, the exercises to follow are similar to those recommended for women who have just bought a child to the world, namely Kegel exercises, but to do this they should be done 4 times a day for at least 6 months.

So you have to strain how hard you can harden the muscles in the vagina, groin and abdominal area for 10 seconds, then relax for another 10 seconds, and repeat this exercise for 5 minutes. Kegel exercises are not only beneficial to increase the intensity of orgasm but can even prevent the development of urinary incontinence (a common medical condition among older women or those who have had multiple births).

The muscles that you “train” for this purpose are called pubic-muscles or “muscles of love”. These are located in the pubic bone area to the anus and base of the spine. Once you have mastered the movements of these muscles, you will definitely have more intense orgasms that will eventually culminate with female ejaculation. Moreover, exercises for pubic hind muscles can also be beneficial to your life partner, because by regular exercise they can maintain their functional prostate for a long time.

Myths About Squirting:

Feminine pussy squirting is one of the most debated themes of modern sex, especially because not all women are able to get it. Thus, we can agree that feminine ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid from the urethra during or before female orgasm.

For the vast majority of women, however, it remains an unfulfilled dream. This explains why so many legends and myths have appeared on the subject.   Here are 6 of the most popular myths about feminine ejaculation:

#1. Ejaculated Fluid is Urine

Many experts say that women would not ejaculate anything other than urine. But ladies who achieve this performance support the opposite of the statement.

Ejaculate fluid does not have the same smell or appearance with urine, but on the contrary, it is completely different. Recent studies published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine confirm that the fluid has prostate consistency, which proves that Skene’s gland works as a prostate in the female version.

#2. All Women are Able to do It, They Just Need to Learn How?

Many experts claim that any woman can ejaculate since all of them are equipped with the Skene gland. The largest female females specialist, however, Deborah Sundahl, says “most women can ejaculate”.

There is a difference in shade, the term “most” being much more appropriate. It depends on many factors: the Skene gland can be placed slightly differently in some women, and not always has the same ability to produce fluid. So squirting orgasm may differ in intensity and in the quantity of liquid from one woman to another.

#3. “Splashing” is not the Same as “Feminine Ejaculation”

Although it is often confused and the term feminine ejaculation is used for both situations. Experts suggest that in true ejaculation is involved a thick and viscous fluid from the female prostate, while “spraying” is the removal of a clear-transparent liquid from the urinary canal. When the notions mingle, confusion also arises.

#4. Female Feminine Ejaculation is Produced by the Stimulation of the G Spot

As G spot is still a confused notion, no wonder that we put a lot of phenomena at its expense. In fact, the Skene gland is located a little behind the vaginal wall near the urethra, so it is very likely to be part of the G-point area.

So, stimulating the area can lead to fluid removal in some cases. And that also proves the fact that the woman found and localized punctually.

#5. Women Who Ejaculate have More Pleasure than those Who do not Ejaculate

Those who get to ejaculate claim: that wet orgasms are better than dry ones. But as long as women with dry orgasms are overwhelmed with pleasure and happy with their orgasms, the claim can not stand. It is best for everyone to do what they really enjoy.

#6. What is Seen in Porn Movies is in line with Reality

Porn performance puts a lot of pressure on us. So even when you see in a movie in this category a huge amount of liquid getting out of a vagina, it is good to consider the possibility that the moment was “helped” by putting a quantity of water in the vagina, before orgasm, then filming with the camera.

Women who ejaculate have said it is impossible to focus on cameras on such a matter because it is very difficult to relax. And much less to do it.

Why is squirting so hot in any case? Most folks wouldn’t want a female peeing to them.

Nevertheless, squirting is hot because it isn’t really pee, it’s a particular ejaculate that originates from a woman’s genitals when she is extremely aroused. She often screams such as a banshee, which is similar to music to some men’s ear.

That is why I’ve come up with a beginners guide how to make a girl squirt.

Now before I proceed, it should be stated that not many people are convinced that women squirting can occur or agrees on where in fact the fluid actually originates from inside the body.

To begin with, don’t subject your lover to any hard pressure to squirt. Whether it happens or not boils down to you using the right approach, how tranquil and aroused she seems and how happy she is to totally “release.”

This implies you barking requests and requiring that she squirt won’t help. Show patience and focus on stimulating her brain, along with her female parts. Develop a naughty fantasy as long as you’re rousing the “solution location” and make an effort to force her over the advantage with naughty thoughts.

In this article, I’m going to give you a quick guide to how to make a girl squirt. This guide will also include the essentials and an in-depth overlook of how to make a girl squirt. For the sake of this article, I’m going to assume that you know what squirting is already and jump straight into how to make it happen.

For a good old-fashioned squirting session, you will need a towel, lube, some massage oil and a glass of water. Now that you’re prepared, you need to get her prepared.

Generally, when you try something new in the bedroom, I suggest you don’t bring it up with your girlfriend unless it’s something absolutely crazy because you don’t want her thinking about it too much, you just want her to enjoy it, to lay back and enjoy the moment.

How to Make a Girl Squirt? – Ways To Make a Girl Cum:

But squirting is a little bit different because as a girl comes close to squirting, the sensation that she feels is very similar to the sensation of needing to pee.

This is why most girls have never squirted on their own without specifically trying to squirt because they feel this sensation to pee and they hold it in. So you need to have a conversation with her and you need to cover four key things for making a girl squirt.

  1. You’re going to need to let her know that it’s going to feel like she needs to pee and that’s just fine and she needs to actually push that out or let it go in order to be able to squirt.
  2. Secondly, you need to know there’s nothing to worry about and that you find it sexy. As you can imagine many girls might feel very insecure about this and you need to take that insecurity away from her.
  3. Thirdly you need to let her know that it’s going to feel amazing for her. She needs to be looking forward to this if it’s going to work and if she’s going to squirt.
  4. And finally, you want to let her know that it’s no big deal if she squirts or not. You want to do it for her so all that matters is she feels good and enjoys it. You need to take all the pressure off of her so she does not feel like she needs to squirt to keep you happy or that she’s letting you down if she doesn’t squirt.

The actual technique of making a girl cumming is fairly simple; It’s all about hitting the g-spot.

G Spot

The g-spot for most women is an area about a knuckle and a half to two knuckles deep inside a girl’s vagina on the front wall closest to her belly button. You’ll know it because it feels like a rough patch. It feels like a walnut.

Normally when you want to make a girl come through a g-spot, you’ll insert two fingers about two knuckles deep and make them come here motion.

For squirting, it is different though as you might want to lock your and unlike a normal orgasm, you don’t actually move your hand at all to make a girl squirt. You lock your hand in place and move your entire arm instead and you must make sure you put a lot of lube on your fingers before you go inside her.

This can take a long time and you do not want her to get sore. And when I say a long time, for some girls it really can be a long time. Your arm is for sure going to get tired if you’ve never tried it before but try and stick with one arm while you’re doing it.

You don’t want to start to swap with the other arm. If you need to, you can even use your other arm to help out the arm that’s doing it.If you really get tired, then you can swap the other arm but try your best to avoid it. As she starts coming close to orgasm, you need to start giving her commands. You’ll be able to tell that she’s coming close to orgasm because one of two things is going to happen.

  • Either her body is going to change signaling that she’s about to orgasm. She might start moving more almost convulsing while breathing heavier or she might start moving less while grieving heavier and moaning more.
  • The other thing that might happen is that she will tell you that she’s coming close. She’ll either tell you that she feels like she’s going to orgasm or that she feels like she’s going to pee. Again reassure her that is fine and start giving her commands. You want to start telling her to push it out over and over again.

It’s extremely important that you only do this when she’s really just about to come. If you do it too soon, you’ll actually prevent her from coming and having an orgasm by putting too much pressure on her. She needs to be just teetering on the edge of an orgasm and you’re just giving her a little nudge over.

And that is the bare-bones essentials, of how to make a girl squirt. Try this and if she’s very turned on and very comfortable with you, then this is likely to work but if you try it and it doesn’t work it’s most likely that you haven’t got her turned on enough or you haven’t got her relaxed enough.

Did you notice that when girls get on top of you, she tends to take control? What do they look for when they want to ride you?

That’s right, they intend to grind you. Do you know why they might engage in such action? Girls aim to rub her sensitive spot and the other nerves which helps them to stimulate. It feels good if you are going inside her but she won’t be able to climax.

A common mistake most guys make is that they believe that she is at the point of climax but the situation is entirely the opposite.

Make a Girl Squirt Techniques:

Now for guys they should not think that they lack stamina or size rather you should focus on your positioning which can hit up her orgasm sensitive areas. In this article, you will be revealed to some techniques through which you can easily satisfy your girl to the utmost and she will want you all night long, believe that!

#1. Surf Her Body:

Instead of traditional doggy style position you can elevate her butt up in the air by placing a pillow on the lower area of her body. This helps to stimulate her nonstop with every thrust you make. You can put yourself on top and move your back up and down in a steady motion and also use this opportunity to talk dirty in her ear.

You can compliment her in a naughty way and whisper how beautiful she sounds moaning or how soft her skin is. You can also grab her arms tightly while you make love to her.

She will love it! At this position, she will be able to have orgasm easily and at one point she will ask you to halt as it might get very sensitive afterwards but remember not to stop rather take control of pace and slow things down for a while but keep going at her and then slowly pick up your thrust pace again.

This second round thrust will be more vigorous than the first one and she will have an orgasm for the second time shortly afterward. During this period of time, don’t let her feel that you gassed out rather dominate her and take charge of her body.

#2. G-drive Position:

With a pillow below the lower portion of her body, your girl will lie down in this position. Her feet can be placed on your chest or on each of your shoulder while you move backward and forwards, and rub her entire sensitive g-spot area. Taking advantage of this motion, you can penetrate deep inside her and stimulate her fast. You need to minimize your thrust and go deep into her but remember not to come out in full rather halfway. This will give her continuous orgasms.

#3. Rock Your Release:

In this position, you can sit down on a couch or bed leaning back and your girl can sit on your lap by spreading out her legs on each side. Praise her that she will look sexy if she leans back and rides you. Let her know you will be aroused more if she flips her hair back when she does this.

Like I mentioned before, she wants to sit on top to shove herself in the best way possible and discover her comfort zone. Do not make the mistake of shoving backward from underneath. Doing so, it will intervene the motion as well as the rhythm and surely she won’t squirt.

When she is on top, let her take the control and do the thrust this will guarantee her climax. You can help her to cum quicker by pressing or jiggling her boobs and by rubbing her clit in a circular manner. This will ensure her internal as well as external stimulation. Remember when she takes the charge, she is going all in for her own drill.

The common perception would be that the G-spot is a tail end of the clitoris. When you do want to provide her clitoral orgasms, don’t underestimate the subtleties of the genital orgasm, permitted through the G-spot. There are various ways to provide her with a climax BEFORE you move onto the squirting climax — so that it is MUCH easier!


Sex Toys

Using toys and games can enable you to get her activated. If she takes a lot of arousals you may desire a little help get her there and that is okay. You will discover loads of web stores selling all sorts of goodies for your sexual joy.

Within the same go, you may even want to consider educating yourself about pleasuring your girlfriend with playthings and steps to make the most out of every toy you select to buy on her behalf.

There are also expert videos that educate you on steps to make women squirt. If your girlfriend just so happens to like smaller vibrators you may use your fingertips instead. In any event, adult toys are a great tool to make her squirt.

You’ve travelled so far and have discovered so much. If you have followed all the instructions, you’ve probably received your foundation and face soaked with her squirt. It could shock you to discover that all g-spots aren’t the same. Understanding how to work your girl’s g-spot could possibly be the best thing one does for your love-making life.

When you start using positions and techniques that actually stimulate her orgasm inducing areas, not only will you be able to make her squirt in minutes, but you’ll also know for a fact that you’re giving her the big orgasm because she’s going to be the one initiating sex with you all the time.

Tips for women:

As a woman, you already know that “supreme pleasure” is not always so easy. Well, you do not have to worry about it, you have to find out that these moments can be overcome if you respect certain rules and methods designed to produce an explosive orgasm.

By far, one of the best erotic techniques that can help you get guaranteed multiple and very long orgasms is sexual continence or tantra. What does this method involve? When you feel like you’re approaching the climax, you just have to stop a little to avoid the well-known orgasm with a discharge.

In those moments, try to sharpen your pubicocchial muscles and the anal sphincter, imagine that all of your sexual energy is redirected to the upper part of your body, so you will have a state of pleasure you could not dream of before.

Pleasure will intensify, and it is possible to experience multiple orgasms that can last for tens of minutes. With Tantra, your sex life will improve significantly, and you will learn what true pleasure.

Tantra is called “The Way of Ecstasy”. If you want to have some strong sensations that you probably have not known before, you have to try urinary orgasm. Yeah, it sounds weird, but after you get “acquainted” you will want to relive that state. Before sex, try to drink more fluids than usual and do your best to be as relaxed as possible during the “action.” In this way, you will be able to relax your urinary sphincters as much as possible and do not be scared, you will not urinate on your partner no matter what you do.

In the shift, you will have an incendiary orgasm, so do not avoid this technique. This method is particularly indicated for women experiencing frigidity. Another method that will help you considerably improve your sex life is fractional urination.

From now on, every time you have the opportunity, try the contraction and successive relaxation of the urinary sphincters during the mist. In this way, you will be able to control the sexual energy much better and you will be surprised by the results.

By better controlling your vaginal muscles, you will be able to better anticipate the approach of orgasm and you will be able to apply the above tantric techniques more easily.

All these Make a Girl Squirt techniques will help you enjoy an incredible sex life, and shortly you will have endless orgasms that will leave you speechless … All you have to do is try the above methods, chosen tantric ways, recognized for the ecstatic states they can “offer” to any practitioner.